50DMC – 15 – Biggest Movie Character Crush

50DMC filmcrush kimpine

The 50 Day Movie Challenge asks one question every day, to be answered by a few paragraphs and a clip, if possible. Click here to see all 50 questions in a nice and organized list. It’s such a pretty list.

TODAY: Who is your biggest movie character crush?

I loved Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World when it came out in theaters, seeing it around 2-3 times like I do for most films I love. The style of humor from Bryan Lee O’Malley, mixed with the great direction and witty eye of Edgar Wright was right up my alley. It got mixed reviews and did moderately well in the theaters, losing some box office to The Expendables, which made me really sad in the pants. But I digress. Another aspect of this film that made it so awesome was the portrayal of Kim Pine. I would say that the portrayal was SO good that I developed a huge crush on the character. Less sad in the pants.

Packed within the runtime of the film are a bunch of moments that fuel my raging crush on Kim Pine, from her deadpan, sarcastic retorts to her miming a gun and shooting herself. Luckily, I was able to find an embeddable clip from one of my more favorite Kim Pine moments.