It Was Kind Of A Big Year

Oh boy.

A lot happened in 2011. I’m still in contemplation mode, which is why I haven’t really done anything akin to last year’s Top Ten in ’10 post series. Not only that but it’s insanely difficult to come up with a clever blog series name that fits with The Year 2011. Also, a list of 11 things is kind of stupid. But I digress. I think for now I’ll just write up a list of some of the things I did this year and call it good.


-Started writing for Flickchart Blog.
-Read two books (World War Z & A Game of Thrones)
-Started doing bar trivia with a bunch of my former Columbia College alums.
-Met my girlfriend’s parents.
-Left my work-from-home job to go work for a little company called TOMS Shoes.
-Saw Broken Social Scene in concert.
-Took a road trip with my girlfriend to Oregon to meet the family for the first time.
-Got into AFI Fest 2011 with a press pass.
-Moved into a new apartment with this fella and this lady.
-Cut cable out of the budget (good riddance)
-First Christmas away from my family, stayed with my girlfriend’s family.
-Joined the dark side and got an iPad 2.
Saw a total of 103 films, 57 of which were in theaters.
-Got engaged to my girlfriend.

What did YOU do this year? Sound off in the comments. I’d like to share in the tears and the triumph and stuff…

  • Tom

    I kicked my deadbeat roommate out. OH SHIT. Nah, I kid. I love you. Come pick up your mail.

    • Oh snap. I probably should have added a line in the post about crying my eyes out for days, /wrist and all that. :P

  • I’ll dispense my newlyweds-to-be advice. During the first year, you’re going to alternate between thinking “Boy, she’s lucky to have me!” and thinking “Boy, I’m lucky to have her!” As time goes by, the second thought will become more prevalent.

    • Heh. Right now I’m kind of thinking that it’s exceptionally lucky that we found each other. Also thinking that this dang wedding can’t arrive fast enough! :)