Stuff Happened In January

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. The most I’ve written is a little blurb about some of the things I did in 2011, and even then that barely equated out to a page. In fact, I think that post was mostly a list-post and involved very little of what anyone would call “writing.” Truth be told, I’ve been quite the busy bee. In late December my then girlfriend and I decided to get married, something we had been discussing for a little while. To make things interesting, we scheduled our wedding for January, giving us relatively little time to plan. Surprisingly, everyone was gung-ho about the idea.

The wedding day came upon us pretty fast and before I knew it I was standing in front of a crowd of friends and family, watching my bride-to-be walk toward me down the aisle. It’s kinda crazy how everyone else seemed to fade out of the picture when Jandy took my hand; I’m sure the pictures of me can attest to that.

Speaking of pictures…

A friend of ours has her own photography business and documented the entire wedding. And when i say “she documented” I mean she captured life, love and the promise of a wonderful future and converted it to a format that could be uploaded to the web. I’m pretty sure I’m not at the level of writing where I can properly convey how amazing the photos from the wedding turned out, so instead I’m going to embed a sideshow of the whole wedding. If you weren’t there, don’t worry. Watching this will make you feel like you were in attendance!

Oh yeah, the crepes also deserve a major shout-out as they were most excellent.

And then the honeymoon happened. Jandy and I went down to San Diego to have some quality married time together as well as check out the ocean. It was quite lovely, despite all the rain. I found the patter of the rain combined with the warmth of the indoors to be quite soothing, almost akin to cozying up to a fireplace while it snows outside. Didn’t hurt that I was with such a lovely person.

When we got back from the honeymoon it was back to work for the both of us. The first thing I discovered when I sat down at my desk was that I was being offered official employment through TOMS. Holy good news, Batman! Needless to say, I was pretty thrilled. It’s not like being a temp was bad or anything, but I was sure anxious to become an official member of the TOMS Family. Not only that, but I’ve never really had official, full-time employment before, the type of employment that comes with benefits and all that mystical adult-type-stuff.

I suppose I’ve never really talked about working at TOMS yet. I know I’ve mentioned it fairly casually in all my online discussions, but never really gone much farther than that because of the slippery-slope nature about talking about your workplace online. I figure that in this particular instance I should be fine. My experience with TOMS has been nothing short of awesome. I can’t think of a place I’ve worked where there was this strong of a sense of community. Not only that, but I’ve never seen such passion and such dedication to a single idea as the whole One for One movement. I’m a cynical bastard by nature, but the people here at TOMS have really changed my tune. And frankly, directly seeing what our work means to those in need is a humbling and awesome experience. Be warned, there will probably be more posts and social network musings as I fully buy into this thing.

Yay tangents!

Believe it or not, I’m writing this post on a plane en route to Fargo for my mom’s wedding (but uploading this now, while I’m actually in Fargo). Yep, you read that correctly. She had broken the news to me awhile back when our family took a vacation it in Oregon. Her fiancé – with the assistance of my sister – took a tour through Montana and found a beautiful spot to propose. In fact, my marriage to Jandy was a bit of a thunder-steal, something my mother jokingly pointed out. That’s how I roll, folks.

So, yeah. A lot has happened as of late, which is why I’ve been bad at keeping up with the blog. Well, that and Skyrim, but I digress. I promise to start posting more stuff this year, both here and over at the Flickchart Blog. Might be a gradual thing as I also need to get this screenwriting career off the ground. That and I have a novel that I’ve been meaning to write. Also, there’s an idea that a friend and I are working on that’s got me super excited.

Stay tuned.

Jandy, I love you. That is all!