100 Things I Love About My Favorite Movies

Expectation Vs. Reality in (500) Days of Summer

This film and When Harry Met Sally are perhaps my absolute favorite romantic comedies of all time. They are very well-written and manage to strike a chord in some way or another. In this film, it’s the expectations versus reality scene. I’ve experienced this before. It really is as sad as it’s portrayed.

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Imitating Zombies in Shaun of the Dead

It was difficult to pinpoint just one scene in this film to use for this post, but in the end I felt this particular scene matched my sensibilities the most. I had always wondered if you could just fool the zombies by imitating them and this addressed those concerns.

Shaun of the dead original

Cristof in The Truman Show

Almost as interesting as Jim Carrey’s character is that of Cristof, played by Ed Harris.


Bike Chase Scene in Akira

This film was my introduction to anime, and what an introduction it was! Great story, great animation and great action. I was hooked from frame one until the last. I need to re-watch this again at some point.

Maximus Goes “Home” in Gladiator

After all the turmoil, Maximus finally gets to see his loved ones once again. It’s quite the bittersweet moment and why I really liked this film.

Gladiator coming home

Skid Row from Little Shop of Horrors

It’s an awesome song. Not much else to explain. I would love to re-visit this film at some point since I don’t really remember much about it.

Crowding the Cabin in Night at the Opera

The Marx Brothers are hilarious and this scene is an absolute delight. It’s a shame I hadn’t seen these films sooner.

Pyramid Head in Silent Hill

While the movie wasn’t by any means great, it had the whole atmosphere thing down pat. The result is perhaps my favorite film adaptation of a video game ever. This scene is pretty grotesque, so watch with caution.

Lizzy Caplan in Cloverfield

Current film crush. It’s such a shame that [spoiler]she explodes after being bitten in the subway scene[/spoiler] in this film.

Lizzy in Cloverfield lizzy caplan 13255162 853 480

…and Mean Girls

And then there’s this film. It’s great, and she’s great it in it.

Lizzy Caplan

Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner

Just watch Rutger Hauer face off against Harrison Ford in the rooftop scene to see what I mean. Absolute greatness.

Blade Runner rutger

The Final Subway Scene in Crocodile Dundee

Surprisingly, this scene doesn’t exist on the internets at large. Tried youtube and vimeo and found nothing. Basically, Paul Hogan climbs over a bunch of people in a crowded subway to apologize to Linda Kozlowski. It’s total cheese, but that’s what I like about it.

Crocodile dundee

Sam Rockwell in Moon

My favorite performance of the past few years. Sam Rockwell knocks it out of the park. Almost cried during some of this film.

Moon sam rockwell 2

…and in Galaxy Quest

Let the video clip speak for itself. Sam Rockwell pretty much steals this film as the “red shirt” of the film.

Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I’ve always liked what Wilder brings to the table and it’s no surprise that he won me over as the titular character.


Delving Through The Memories in Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

Easily Jim Carrey’s best role ever. Such a great film and such a great moment from said actor.

The Opening to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

This opening is rather silly, and I like silly things. I also like my silly things to be somewhat raunchy. Can you see now why this scene made it onto my list?


The Talent Show in Revenge of the Nerds

The electro-violin part in particular is iconic and memorable for me.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Seeing this in the theaters as a young boy was such a treat. I was such a hardcore TMNT fan back then and this was the adaptation I had been waiting for. I still look back on this fondly.

Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own

Such a great performance from Tom Hanks. This is the scene I come back to whenever I think of him.

This Exact Moment in Super Mario Bros.

Or the whole damn movie. This is kind of a guilty pleasure for me.

Super Mario Brothers 3

Mitch Finally Speaks in Waiting

If you take out the stoner busboy subplot, this film is amazing. My favorite scene is the one linked below where the newbie Mitch finally gets a chance to speak his piece. Not safe for work.


The Breakfast Scene in Peewee’s Big Adventure

I feel a similar nostalgia for this film as I do TMNT, and for this scene in particular. There are days when I wish that Tim Burton would go back to this kind of wacky and forsake the parody of himself that he’s been prone to do lately.

The Drinking Contest in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Couldn’t really decide on one specific scene in this film. There were just too many to choose from. In the end, I picked this scene because I prefer this romantic entanglement to the others in the series.


Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins

Such a beautiful song from one of my favorite live action Disney films. I get chills when I hear this.

Large MaryPoppinsNursery

Marla Singer from Fight Club

Helena Bonham Carter’s finest role. She kind of steals the film for me.

Expressionist Cinema ala The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

This is my absolute favorite style of cinema.

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Sid Learns His Lesson in Toy Story

The first film remains my favorite out of the bunch, although the others are technically better on every level. There was such an innovation here that captured my imagination when I saw it for the first time and it was neat to see the possibilities of computer animation. This scene in particular won me over.

The Title Sequence to North By Northwest

I can’t believe it took me until 2011 to see this film! An absolutely great film, with an exceptionally exciting opening credit sequence.

North By Northwest

The Final Shootout in Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I like the juxtaposition of Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s characters shooting their way out of the department store with the music that played when they first met.

And there you have it. 100 Things I Love About My Favorite Movies! Now go out and watch some of these.

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