Textbook Piracy

I was listening to the latest episode of TWiT the other day at work and the subject of piracy came up and how it’s–to put it simply–a game changer. Specifically, they talked about Amazon, the new Kindle, and how this could usher in an era of easier textbook piracy. When I heard “textbook piracy”, a little voice inside me went “squee.” I’m sure I’m not the only student burned by ridiculous textbook prices and what little use they’ve been to us in our college education.

I should clarify: I’m a film student.

Our textbooks (at least in the film department) were less than stellar, and I was even able to go an entire semester without needing any. Whether this is the fault of the teachers or the faculty is not the point of my little blurb here. I’m just interested in the idea that textbooks are next in line for evolution-via-mass-piracy. With college as expensive as it is now, why buy a book you don’t really need if you can get it in a .pdf and pull it up in a reader?

Anyway, just a thought.