My Life As An Intern At A Failed Startup, Final Part

There’s not much more to this saga of my life as an intern at a failed startup. A lot of the usual bullshit of idea plus democracy equaling lameness. It’s hard to be more specific about scenarios at that place because a lot of it blended together for me. That, and a lot of time has passed since they let me go without any sort of warning. I don’t want you to get the idea that my intent was to bash this place. I just want you to see my frustration at an amazing opportunity gone south due to “too many cooks in the kitchen” and “no vision.”

If you want to see a lack of vision in action, start at the following youtube video and progress through the multiple episodes. You can also check out all of the videos from the site on the youtube page, which I heartily recommend over the site itself. Take from these videos what you will, and feel free to ask me about it. God knows I love to bitch about this place. See if you can’t spot me in these videos somewhere with a few buddies of mine! :)

First video in the youtube series: