On Resume Typos

From The Consumerist:

Sorry, kids, but humor has no place in a cover letter, and unfunny humor has no place anywhere.

Don’t depend on a spell checker – print your resume out and look it over, read it out loud to yourself, and have another person look at it for you.

So far my most egregious mistake on a resume has been of the grammatical nature, something that I hope never changes. But if I want to be realistic about things, I’d have to say that this could very well happen to me. Even worse, sometimes I feel inclined to throw some humor into my resume to make it lighter or just DO SOMETHING new and fresh with it. After reading this article though, I know better.

Still, the joke about the wallpaper was hilarious. I actually giggled like an idiot.

I’d Like To Thank The Academy

I had a rather large post written up in textedit about the Oscars and who I thought should win based off the nominations. Truth be told, I haven’t seen any of the films that were nominated this year, with the exception being Wall-E, Iron Man, and The Dark Knight. Therefore, I chucked the post in favor of a shorter one that I think will be just a wee bit more discussion worthy. See, I’ve noticed a lot of backlash about the snubbing of Gotham’s finest hero at the Oscars, and how it should have been nominated for Best Picture and yadda-yadda-yadda. “OMG, Chris Nolan should have been nominated for BEST DIRECTOR EVAR!”


Truth be told, I think The Dark Knight was nominated for everything it deserves. The only makeup worthy of note is the Joker’s. The only performance worthy of note is the Joker’s. There’s no art direction to speak of, and the directing is inconsistent throughout the film. The screenplay is nothing special, and feels particularly bloated with the Hong Kong sequence. Bruce Wayne was not the focus of the film, and because of that, it felt more like “The Joker” than “The Dark Knight.”

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the hell out of The Dark Knight. It’s definitely a favorite of ’08. But Oscar worthy? Bitch plz!

Feel free to try and convince me otherwise, but I hold to the fact that Heath Ledger was the only AMAZING thing in that movie. The rest was WAY below the standard set by Batman Begins.