People Know Me

I got a little shoutout the other day from fellow Friendfeeder Mona on her blog Pixel Bits for a meme I participated in. Apparently I’ve been in a lot of vehicle accidents! Woo! Anyway, here’s the meme I participated in, reprinted for your edification. Enjoy.

  1. I loathe lotions of any kind. I won’t even use sunscreen because of how horrible it feels on my hands.
  2. I chew on the string of my hoodies.
  3. I’m very jittery. Watch me try to keep still and see…
  4. I lose my train of thought in the middle of stories.
  5. I have some kind of insomnia. I say “some” because I manage to get sleep in there somewhere. Stayed up till 6am this morning, matter of fact. (edit: That was a day or so ago, by the way)
  6. I get panic attacks. They last awhile sometimes.
  7. I walk a lot.
  8. I have two pet cats who have steadily become more and more important in my life. I carry conversations with them regularly.
  9. I’m allergic to wood nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, anything like that that grows on trees). Many trips to the ER have proven this. And yes, it’s a fatal allergy.
  10. I can eat the same thing day in and day out and not get sick of it, provided that I only have it once a day….if that makes sense.
  11. I usually WILL go there. That’s right! You heard me.
  12. Before I can get truly relaxed for bed, I need to rub my feet together a few times. It’s very soothing.
  13. I have been hit by a taxi before, while crossing the street.
  14. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…in a car…during rush hour.
  15. I have fan art published in the Knuckles spin-off comic from Archie Comics.
  16. I absolutely MUST MUST watch a TV show from episode 1 forward. If I watch it out of context, I don’t get into it.
  17. I have crashed two vehicles, one a conversion van and the other a pickup truck. Both were my fault, but no one was hurt except me…
  18. I fear even the smallest of heights. If I’m on a ladder, my knees shake and I get all sweaty in the palms.
  19. Bloody noses tend to push my panic button in a very serious way.
  20. I’m a writer because I’m not good with the talky talky.
  21. I have a difficult time looking people in the eyes. A very difficult time.
  22. I’m one of those people who becomes way friendlier when booze is involved.
  23. My shoe size is 13.
  24. I overthink things way too much.
  25. Public mirrors. Cannot stand to see myself in them. I HATE HATE HATE them. I hate myself in them. I don’t think I can stress this enough.

Oh yeah, and we have a new president now. Fun times.

These Aren’t Resolutions

It’s late, I can’t sleep, and my mind is racing a million miles a second. I figured that since this is the case I would write out a list of things I’d like to do in 2009. Before I go any further, I need to clarify: these are NOT resolutions. Resolutions (if you recall) are things that people break. I don’t want that to be the fate of these items, and if I don’t call them by the “r” word, maybe I’ll actually succeed. Following so far?

  1. Sell my first screenplay.
  2. Finish my second screenplay.
  3. Sell that one.
  4. Produce my short film that got rejected by the Columbia College Practicum.
  5. Write a third screenplay.
  6. Ice skate.
  7. Take a road trip with friends.
  8. Find a job that parallels my interests and be able to keep it.
  9. Continue my webcomic.
  10. Draw a new one that’s been kicking around in my head for some time.
  11. Go on an honest to god date. You know, where you dress up super nice and drink wine.
  12. See at least 12 bands in my library.
  13. Cook more. (I’ve cooked more this year than before just in these past few months!)
  14. Go to a rave.
  15. Do my part in making the production company I’m a part of the big thing this year.
  16. Go to at least 2 conventions of any kind and get my picture taken with someone “famous.”
  17. Go to comic con.
  18. Record an episode of Geek Troika at each of my co-hosts’ places.
  19. Get to writing that fourth screenplay.
  20. Submit my writing to competitions.

I definitely plan to add to this list as I think of more things. There’s so much to do this year and only 365 days to do it in. Not much time, if you ask me. Oh yeah, and if you enjoyed this list, make your own and share it. I kind of like the idea of being accountable to the internet on this one.

My Year In Lists

Hey folks, I thought I would end the year a little differently and end it with a “playlist” for the year. I went all dorky and divided it up by month, talking a little bit about why I picked that track. It’s been one hell of a year. Hopefully you get that from my selection. See you in the new year!

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Some More Creative Commons Music I Enjoy

I was wandering around Jamendo, an interesting music site where you can download free music under the creative commons license, and found this interesting band: The Wind Whistles. Their sound has got a lot of folk to it, which is what really drew me to them. If you haven’t given this band a look-see (or listen-see??) I suggest you do so immediately and enjoy! That’s all for now. I promise better, more in-depth posts soon! Also: Hilarious Henry will be returning from a very lengthy hiatus soon. Over the holiday break I’m going to be drawing up strips and building a buffer. So keep an eye out.


Jonathan is a VJ, Part 3

I figured I would usher in the extremely frigid month of December with a new Jonathan is a VJ post for you all. Since it’s so cold, I figured I’d post some light and bubbly stuff for you to enjoy and warm up to. As always, I’ve picked these videos from MTV Music, a site which you should sign up for and check out. It’s not without it’s faults, but that’s a different blog post for another blog.

So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road! I came across this first band through a friend and haven’t stopped listening since. I really dig their music and I think you will too.

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A Thanksgiving List, Of Sorts

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope at some point you’re able to enjoy copious amounts of food and drink and are able to celebrate the season with your families. Next to Christmas, Thanksgiving has to be one of my most favorite of holidays. So, to celebrate I thought I’d give you a somewhat half-baked (get it?) top ten list about the things I’m thankful I can spend my money on.

10. Reeses Puffs – Back in the day, when I was about half my size and age, the cereal choices weren’t all that exciting. They were good, don’t get me wrong, but nothing was quite unhealthy enough to be awesome. And then one day Reeses decided to make a cereal. I’m so thankful I can go out and spend $5 on a box of Reeses balls.

9. Belt Buckles – Have you seen all the different kinds of belt buckles that exist? There’s one you can open beer bottles with. I am so thankful I can spend money on this.

8. Someone’s Grandpa’s Shirt – It brings a smile to my face and puts a skip in my step whenever I remember that I can go to the local Salvation Army or Brown Elephant and buy some western shirt that was worn by somebody’s Grandpa. They probably died in it too, which makes the $3 purchase even more awesome. I am so thankful for this.

7. $4 Coffee – I like mochas, cappucinos, and various “froofy” coffee drinks. I’m glad I can get them for roughly $4 at Starbucks or it’s step-brother, Caribou Coffee. I’m also glad I can feel cool walking to school holding a cup of said “froofiness.” Check it out folks, I’m a writer and I’m drinking COFFEE!! WOO! So yeah, I’m thankful.

6. HD TVs – I’m glad that I can go out and buy TV as big as my wall to compensate for my…lack of personality.

5. Grand Theft Auto – First of all, I’m thankful that video games exist and that there are so many choices. I’m also thankful that I can go out and get them whenever I want. But I’m most thankful for a game like GTA where it’s open ended and you can buy the services of a hooker, beat her over the head with a golf club, and then take your money back. It’s this kind of freedom to satisfy my “sexually frustrated high school” fantasies that has me ever so thankful. Here’s hoping the next one is even freer.

4. Bobby Flay Cookware – I’m thankful I can buy a bunch of cheap cookware with this guy’s mug plastered on the front of the box. I’m thankful that people can grow up to one day be the face of a pressure cooker…and Kitchen Stadium.

3. Hip Tees – There are a lot of places to buy “hip” t-shirts these days. Threadless, Snorg Tees, Jinx, Thinkgeek, every webcomic, etc. This overabundance of “witty” t-shirts makes my year! The other day I saw a shirt that had bacon coming out of a toaster. I’m so thankful I can buy that.

2. Alcohol – I’m thankful that I can have a beverage that lowers my inhibitions and my perception of the world. I also appreciate waking up the next morning in an unfamiliar place, wondering where my pants are. Isn’t booze fun? Oh yeah, it also helps with the writing process, for which I am most grateful.

1. Boobs – I could buy them for myself if I wanted, or had the money. So. Thankful.

A Thought On Method

As a writer for any medium, you often get asked (or are made to ask yourself), “What’s your method?” Some people respond with a very complex list of how they get into the mood to write and then how they go about building their magnum opus while others go at great lengths to explain how they just do things in bursts. I tend to fall into that latter category. My writing inspiration seems to come and go, usually without much warning. I could be sitting in the classroom arguing the semantics of storytelling when this “need” will rise to the surface and eat away at me until I scribble something down. Or, I could be sitting at the local Starbucks drinking a Grande White Mocha when this happens, oftentimes in mid-sip. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a pen nearby. If not, I resort to my laptop.

There was a period of time where I tried to maintain a more organized writing method, what some might call a regimen if you will. I put this into practice during the summer, since I chose not to take any classes, and went to a coffee shop to spend a few hours a day writing. I would ask for a real “froofy” drink and then sit down and write until the battery died. I was able to get a decent amount of work done in around two to three hours (I need a new battery for the ole macbook pro). After about a week or so of this, though, I stopped and went back to my more sporadic method of writing every couple of days or whenever I felt like it.

And then I had a conversation with the Chair of the Film and Video Department at Columbia College. I (alongside a producer from our Practicum class) had pitched a story I was working on and he gave some excellent advice on how to go about fixing the then incomplete story. Later on, we bumped into each other in the hall and talked about the process of writing. I explained my exasperation at the process and he chuckled. He told me that it was a day to day process, and that in this business you need to continually write. It’s a competitive business and if you aren’t writing, you won’t make it. That hit home with me, and I decided to work on my method some. Now, I try to write something every day, whether it be my scripts, Twitter, Friendfeed, this site, or for Generation Tech. But I don’t force myself, either. If I don’t have anything, I don’t write anything.

That’s pretty much my method, explained in a bunch of barely strung together paragraphs. Hopefully the insight was helpful, and gave you something to take away. So, I turn the question to you. “What’s your method?”

Thanks goes out to Kent Nichols for making me think. :)

Jonathan is a VJ, Part 2

Here we are again, folks. It’s time for another edition of “Jonathan is a VJ.” This time around, I’m thinking that I’ll take you on a journey of old school MTV / VH1 delights, stuff that I watched over and over again as a kid. Without further delay, let’s get started with probably the first music video I ever watched. Incidentally, it’s the first music video I watched on MTV’s New Site.

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All The Best Problems Are My Fault

If you follow me on twitter, or if you just live within the vicinity, I’ve no doubt told you that I was trying to attach my domain name to a specific folder within . You probably also caught my copious frustration as attempt after attempt to get the darned thing to work failed. I called up GoDaddy support and they were very helpful, and were even very patient with me, but the problem persisted. So, then I get a call from @godaddyguy and we went over the problem again. As it turns out, it was something I had failed to change in my WordPress settings. When I changed that, the domain latched onto the folder instantly.

Do you realize how exciting it is to know that the problem is on your end? When things go to shit, it’s a comfort to realize that you are to blame and that it’s not something on the other end, something that you can’t control. Take my past relationship with Comcast for example. All of my problems with them stemmed from something that only they could fix on their end or come over to my end and fix. Waiting on them was hell. Waiting to see where the problem existed was hell. Here, it was just a simple tweak on my end and everything was as right as rain.

That, my friends, is exciting.

And now I’ll stop rambling like a buffoon and go make some lunch.