50DMC – 9 – Favorite Movie Ending

50DMC favoriteending forafew

The 50 Day Movie Challenge asks one question every day, to be answered by a few paragraphs and a clip, if possible. Click here to see all 50 questions in a nice and organized list. It’s such a pretty list.

TODAY: What is your favorite movie ending?

For A Few Dollars More is my favorite western of all time, so it stands to reason that the ending of the film would rank as my favorite movie ending of all time. It’s a much more subdued showdown than the one found in The Good, The Bad and the Ugly but it has a lot more heart. The whole locket subplot pays off in a big way here and it adds a lot of depth to the character of Mortimer that we don’t really get when he goes all Colonel in the next chapter. If I had to chose between this ending and the one in Good… I would chose this one without hesitation. If that puts me in the minority, then so be it!

I tried to get an embed of the full ending which includes both heroes riding off into the sunset, but alas this was all I could find.