On House

Season 1 and 2 of House M.D. were great and kept me on the edge of my seat. There was just the right balance of procedural and character development to make it perhaps the best doctor show of it’s time. And then seasons 3-5 happened and what we got was essentially a parody of itself and some rather infuriating plot arcs. Big things would happen, only to be cancelled out later for the sake of keeping the “hit” formula alive. Well, this preview makes me think that that will be changing in the new season.

All I can say is, “About damn time!”

A major flaw that a lot of these procedural shows have is that eventually they get boring. The well of ideas gets tapped out, if you will. For whatever reason, the characters become stale and we just stop caring. One way that shows can prevent this is by breaking from the formula and evolving, something that the premium cable shows do very well. Here’s hoping that this show can find a new set of legs this season and give us a deeper look into the characters we’ve all drifted away from.