Muxtape, Blip, and Indie Digital Sales

Was just thinking a bit about the whole RIAA intervention on the Muxtape site and got rather irritated. Maybe I’m just naive to how things in the world really work, but what harm was the site actually causing? They had “Buy MP3” links under every track and you were limited to 12 tracks in a mix. And it’s not like you could get full ablums of any worth from the site unless you had a lot of time on your hands. I just don’t see what the problem was, or actually is for that matter.

Now Blip.FM has taken over as the place to make mixes and share music with your online peers. Will this site shut down too when the RIAA finishes with Muxtape? As Amberella mentioned, may as well “Blip it while it’s hot!” I wonder though, how long this will last before a better solution is needed. I know I’ve begun to get tired of finding new places to force my music selection on the world. Just something to think about, anyway. What do you guys think?

Also, ARS Technica has an interesting article on indie bands and digital music distribution. If the RIAA needs to worry about anything at this stage in the game, it’s losing their artists to the internet and digital sales, which is a lot more viable. Why go through a major label when you can just become your own and post your stuff online?