3 Minutes – Production 2 First Project

The point of this exercise for our Production 2 class was to put a narrative to any kind of music we wanted. Emphasis was to be placed on the non-sync sounds that inhabited the story and we were strictly told not to make these into music videos. We had the choice to shoot our first projects on color or black and white 16mm stock. I chose the later, and because of that had to wait until the day before the project was due to edit it. So, what you see is about 5 to 6 hours of work using Avid Express.

The story. Party Guest is about a guy who has a Beer Pong party and no one comes. Dejected, he plays against himself.

Cast & Crew

POOR GUY – Derrick Ligas
DP – Kit Wiitanen
WRITER / DIRECTOR – Jonathan Hardesty