Claire Redfield

On The Milla Movie

Pictured above is a screencap from the Paul W.S. Anderson film Resident Evil: Afterlife. Below are some more pictures.

If none of those screencaps grabbed you in any particular way, then don’t be surprised if you leave the film hating it. RE4 is not a movie for those hoping to see cohesive plot and connecting action sequences. Instead, it’s a movie for people like me who are Milla Jovovich fans who don’t really care what she’s in as long as she kicks ass and looks good doing it. It’s the same logic that goes into seeing films like The Room or Ultraviolet. If you have ANY expectations going in, you’ll be let down.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make plans to see this in 3D. Unlike many, I can’t wait to set my thinking cap aside and just enjoy the hell out of an actress enjoying the hell out of jumping around and killing stuff.