A New Torchwood? We’ll See

Jack Harkness is DEFINITELY too gay for Fox

Jack Harkness is DEFINITELY too gay for Fox

I keep hearing these rumblings that Fox wants to have their own Torchwood, set in the US with aliens and weird fringe science type stuff. The first thing to note is that it seems like Fox forgot about its OTHER show, Fringe (you know, the only science fiction show they haven’t canceled yet?). And we won’t even mention the recent bang up job that they did with a certain Joss Whedon property. Seriously, with as well as Fox handles what little science fiction they get, what do they want with a show about about an omnisexual, un-killable guy who fights weird aliens that pop out of a rift in time and space?

Furthermore, what room does the station that reneged on Dollhouse (shit, I said I wouldn’t mention it..) want with a show that featured two men having sex, or an alien cloud that needed the energy from orgasms to survive? If you go back and check the history books on Fox, you would notice that the station is hardly the one to go for an idea like Torchwood..


Unless they want to change it. And this is where I get all kinds of concerned. Science Fiction is on the downswing here in the states. There aren’t really any major sci fi shows with respectable numbers post BSG and those that are around currently are starting to experience a ratings drop. Even Caprica doesn’t seem like it will be enough to keep SyFy from turning into MTV: The Non-Science Fiction channel. Remember Sarah Connor Chronicles? Better yet, remember that update to Bionic Woman? What about Flash Forward? Journeyman? If other companies are having problems with the genre and all it’s sub genres, it would stand to reason that Fox isn’t doing so hot with them either. Really, the only way Fox could make Torchwood: US happen is if they changed it significantly to fit a wider demographic, i.e. taking out the overt sexuality and making Jack less than who he is now.

Seriously, people, if it ain’t broke..

On Tim Burton’s Alice

I love the Alice in Wonderland story. In fact, I read the book a few times in high school, watched the old movie, played the hell out of American McGee’s Alice and often thought about how I’d take a stab at the story if I ever got the chance…you know, should I ever pursue a career in writing. Well, thanks to Tim Burton, I won’t have that chance for awhile. He’s gone ahead and adapted my favorite kid’s story into what looks to be a quirky flick about the Mad Hatter and an all out chess war straight from Narnia.

Wait, wut?

There’s a lot to this trailer that intrigues me in terms of direction and style. Everything in the real world is a drab caricature of Pride and Prejudice, and has enough gray tones to make you instinctively yawn. Wonderland itself looks dark and demented and all kinds of crazy. So far, so good, but what about the story that’s hinted at? A war? Alice in armor? Chess pieces clashing together like this was Middle Earth? Granted, this is only a trailer and I shouldn’t be so quick to judge, but I’m already on amber alert here. I’d really like to enjoy this film when it comes out (count me there on opening night), and I hope Burton’s silly love affair with Mr. Depp doesn’t detract from the world that I know and love. But with a trailer like this, it’s hard to be all out enthusiastic.

At least they HAVE a Cheshire Cat. Yeah, that’s right, SyFy’s Alice!