Get Over it Already

Valleywag reports that Biden wants to spend $1 billion to monitor P2P activity. Whether or not all P2P activity is piracy is not what I’m most interested in here. What’s caught my eye is that Biden wants to spend THAT much on such a trivial issue, and to protect an industry which has proven time and time again that it doesn’t have the chops to evolve with the “internet age.” Why not put that money to better use and fix our fucked up education system and give us better health care? Why not use it for something other than to save the RIAA from dying completely?

The opposing argument, I suppose, is that we live in an age where the youth expect music and movies for free. That may be so in the youngest of us. But what about a big portion of us who actually support content and go to concerts and shows and help the artists out? What about those artists who wouldn’t be where they are now without giving away their content initially?

I’m curious what other people think about this.