I suck

All The Best Problems Are My Fault

If you follow me on twitter, or if you just live within the vicinity, I’ve no doubt told you that I was trying to attach my domain name to a specific folder within http://www.hilarioushenry.com . You probably also caught my copious frustration as attempt after attempt to get the darned thing to work failed. I called up GoDaddy support and they were very helpful, and were even very patient with me, but the problem persisted. So, then I get a call from @godaddyguy and we went over the problem again. As it turns out, it was something I had failed to change in my WordPress settings. When I changed that, the domain latched onto the folder instantly.

Do you realize how exciting it is to know that the problem is on your end? When things go to shit, it’s a comfort to realize that you are to blame and that it’s not something on the other end, something that you can’t control. Take my past relationship with Comcast for example. All of my problems with them stemmed from something that only they could fix on their end or come over to my end and fix. Waiting on them was hell. Waiting to see where the problem existed was hell. Here, it was just a simple tweak on my end and everything was as right as rain.

That, my friends, is exciting.

And now I’ll stop rambling like a buffoon and go make some lunch.