Let the Busy Times Roll

Hey all, I’ve been fairly busy the past week or so with extra work, which is why I haven’t updated this thing or ranted about some inane topic that you probably don’t care about. So, I thought I would just give some twitter-like blurbs about various things throughout the past week.

– Patrick Swayze died. Add this to the list of reasons why ’09 sucks.

– Kanye West decided that he wasn’t douchey enough and humiliated Taylor Swift during her award speech. But hey, that’s what the voice of a douchey generation does.

– I made it to level 30 in WoW. I hope I can get caught up to the newest expansion so I won’t feel so left behind when Cataclysm changes everything.

– Social networks continued to be social.

– The diet coke of Facebook was released. It reminded me of what I liked about the older iterations, namely the simplicity.

– I didn’t see any movies in the theater.

– I started watching This American Life, the tv show.

– I thought about working on my comic, but got distracted with the internet instead.

And there you have it. I’ve been busy.