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Diagnosis: Film – Weekend of Oct. 15

I think the highlight of my trailer searches this week was the trailer for N-Secure. Otherwise, a fairly non-standout week for film. I’ve got a few films I’d go see, and some you probably couldn’t pay me to see *cough cough*politcal documentary*cough cough*. Give the trailers a look-see by clicking on the film name. Are there any films this week you plan on seeing?


Directed By: Robert Schwentke
Written By: Erich Hoeber
Starring: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010

It took me a little bit to warm up to this idea, admittedly. But that’s thanks to a somewhat lackluster first trailer. I’ve changed my mind since then.
Diagnosis: Can haz now plz?!

Jackass 3-D

Director: Jeff Tremaine
Written By:
Starring: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Jason Acuna
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010

Jackass is my guilty pleasure. I’ve been a fan of it since early high school and was quite into it as I started college. I guess you could say I’ve grown up with these dickheads.
Diagnosis: Want to see.


Director: Clint Eastwood
Written By: Peter Morgan
Starring: Matt Damon, Bryce Dallas Howard, Daniel McLaren, Cécile De France
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

I have yet to see a Clint Eastwood film. This one looks interesting.
Diagnosis: Okay, I’ll bite.


Director: Tony Goldwyn
Written By: Pamela Gray
Starring: Hilary Swank, Minnie Driver, Sam Rockwell, Peter Gallagher
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

The trailer is a bit over-the-top and seemingly Oscar-bait. But that aside it looks like an interesting story. Ever since Moon, I’m kind of drawn to Sam Rockwell’s choice in roles.
Diagnosis: Curious to see.

Samson and Delilah

Director: Warwick Thornton
Written By: Warwick Thornton
Starring: Rowan McNamara, Marissa Gibson, Mitjili Napanangka Gibson, Scott Thornton
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

I hate when trailers heap unrealistic praise on films. Despite this trailer being full of said praise, I’m still interested in seeing this.

The Trouble with Terkel (Terkel i knibe)

Director: Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen, Thorbjorn Christoffersen, Stefan Fieldmark, Randolph Kret
Written By: Mette Heeno
Starring: Kim Matthesen, Anders Matthesen, Bill Bailey, Tom Everett
Release Date: Oct 12, 2010 (Limited)

This looks absolutely ridiculous…in a good way.
Diagnosis: Want to see.

I Want Your Money

Director: Ray Griggs
Written By:
Starring: Ray Griggs, Mike Huckabee, Stephen Moore, William Voegeli
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

Guess how interested I am in this “documentary.”
Diagnosis: Not very.

Down Terrace

Director: Ben Wheatley
Written By: Robin Hill, Ben Wheatley
Starring: Bob Hill, Robin Hill, Julia Deakin, David Schaal
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

Heard about this one awhile ago. Still kind of interested in seeing it.
Diagnosis: Still kind of interested in seeing it.

Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen

Director: Margarethe von Trotta
Written By: Margarethe von Trotta
Starring: Barbara Sukowa, Heino Ferch, Hannah Herzsprung, Gerald Alexander Held
Release Date: Oct 13, 2010 (Limited)

Couldn’t find an english trailer so I put up this one instead. Looks like an interesting enough film. Might not seek it out, though.
Diagnosis: If I have time.

Carmo, Hit the Road

Director: Murilo Pasta
Written By: Murilo Pasta
Starring: Fele Martínez, Mariana Loureiro, Seu Jorge, Mauricio García
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

Again, couldn’t find an english trailer, but I don’t think one was needed. I’m interested.
Diagnosis: Curious to see.

Poema de salvacion

Director: Brian Dublin
Written By: Eduardo Marando, Omar Quiroga, Alejandro Robino
Starring: Gonzalo Senestrari, Irina Alonso, Fernando Rosarolli, Fernando Rossaroli
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

The trailer didn’t do much to grab me, but the synopsis did. Still, not sure I would see this unless I had some extra time on my hands.
Diagnosis: If I have time.


Director: David M. Matthews
Written By: Julius Lewis, Christine Taylor
Starring: Cordell Moore, Essence Atkins, Denise Boutte, Tempestt Bledsoe
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

Diagnosis: …no seriously. What?!

The Four-Faced Liar

Director: Jacob Chase
Written By: Marja-Lewis Ryan
Starring: Lisa Bierman, Daniel Carlisle, Natasha David, Todd Kubrak
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

I would be lying if I said this trailer and the film’s synopsis didn’t interest me some. Romantic comedies that aren’t mainstream? Sure, sign me up.
Diagnosis: Interested.


Director: Angela Christlieb
Written By:
Starring: Starring: Denis Cremel, Francois Grossi, Patricia Raveneau-Laurent
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

When the synopsis reads “Equal parts bemused reportage and whimsical fantasy,” there’s a decent chance I’ll be interested. Couldn’t find a trailer, but I’d see this just based on what I’ve read about it.
Diagnosis: Want to see.


Director: Jeff Reichert
Written By:
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Howard Dean, Gray Davis, Pete Wilson
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010 (Limited)

Diagnosis: ZZzzzz.

White Lion

Director: Michael Swan
Written By: Michael Swan, Janet van Eeden
Starring: Jamie Bartlett, John Kani, Thabo Malema
Release Date: Oct 15, 2010

Seems like a fun family outing, with interesting visuals and a heartwarming story.
Diagnosis: Not interested.