I find @mikenayyar interesting! #followfriday

I don’t plan on writing too many of these as my philosophy on suggesting people to follow is “less is more.” It’s definitely an opposing viewpoint to most follow Friday tweets that spout out hundreds of random people to follow. I’ve looked through a few of these kinds of tweets and have yet to figure out what’s the big deal about these people. With that said, I figure I should explain to you why Mike Nayyar is an interesting fellow to follow!

I first met Mike ages ago when he and I became part of a podcast troika aptly named Geek Troika. But at the time it wasn’t known as Troika. We didn’t come into that brilliance much later on. At the time we were simply known as Generation Tech and we put out episodes each week for the listener’s enjoyment. I didn’t have much of an opinion of him at first except that his deep voice was sexy and that he like mobile phones a lot. Over time, I got to know him a bit better and find out that he’s a HI-larious individual who’s willing to sell his soul to Comcast for an honest wage.

What a bastard.

Anyway, I think you should follow this son-of-a-gun because he engages in “the conversation” on social sites and is quite insightful. He’s got a sense of humor too and had a really badass thread running on friendfeed where he just HAD to get the last word in. He’s also got an extensive knowledge of gundam, and is the guy I go to when I want to discuss phone stuff (which isn’t all that often). He and I are also conspiring to take over the world with a new podcast.

Not convinced yet? Well, check out this video:

I find @CalamityEnsues interesting! #followfriday

I was poking around at Stay N Alive and read a very interesting idea about Follow Friday and the ways it can adapt to the new @reply changes that Twitter has set in place. Instead of flooding the tweet-stream with a bajillion usernames no one is going to care to check out, you highlight a select few people and EXPLAIN why they are interesting to you. This is a much better idea in the long run and puts the focus where it truly belongs: on the people you’re trying to get people to follow! Anypoo, with that, I bring you my good buddy @calamityensues.

Here’s the nitty-gritty, as they say. Calamityensues is an animator based out of Chicago. He graduated from Columbia College, and has kept busy doing freelance work in his field. His real passion is with storyboarding, which is evidenced by the most excellent boards I’ve seen him do for our current project. He’s quite passionate about his work and yet will be the first to tell you that the story is one of the most important ingredients in animation and film.

Here’s a demo reel of some of his more recent work, so you can see what he’s all about!

If you haven’t figured out yet why I follow calamityensues, you might very well be the most blind person I’ve ever met. Seriously, check out his stuff and follow him as soon as you can. Link to his blog: