Scribosphere Carnival #2 – Workflow


The Scribosphere Carnival is a weekly discussion from a variety of screenwriting blogs around a rotating theme.

I’ve never been good at introductory paragraphs, so let’s get through this as fast as we can. Shawna over at Shouting Into The Wind created a new blog series to bring a bunch of us writerly types together to discuss the things that interest us as screenwriters. In that same post she set up the guidelines for the first week’s topic as well as how we would go about handling each new week. As it turns out, I was picked for this week’s topic:

WORKFLOW – Everybody has one, and none are the same. Inspired by a post from John August (referencing THIS SITE), you should explain where and when you write, what hardware you use, what software you use, and what you would change about how you write. Have at it!

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Back in Chicago

I arrived at the Greyhound station in Chicago at around 1:00am, just like the ticket said. I exited the bus as fast as I could and waited eagerly for the luggage man to come by and hand me my bag so I could get the hell away from the bus and get back to my nice (and hopefully warm) apartment. As I bounced up and down impatiently, a fellow passenger took a step toward me and excused himself. “I noticed that you were using a script-writing program.” he said. “May I ask which one you were using?” I told him about Celtx and how it’s been my program of choice for awhile now. I gave him a brief rundown of what it did and then we parted ways awkwardly.

There really wasn’t a point to this little story, but I figured I would share anyway.