Graphic Stuff

Apart from being on the internets a lot, I also spend my time doing graphic work for friends and colleagues. I primarily use Adobe Photoshop and Flash, but have tinkered a bit with other programs. It’s my goal to eventually master Illustrator and In-Design, as I hear they’re valuable tools in terms of graphic design. The idea here is to showcase some of my stuff and link you to where it’s used. All rights are mine, of course.


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I like to do graphic work in my spare time and it’s led to me making art for the varying sites I’ve created. I find that creating logos and banners are a lot more fun than perfecting CSS or making sure the HTML looks perfect. As I do more work in graphics and branding, I’ll post them here!


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I also do random doodling in my spare time to blow off steam.


These are wallpapers that I’ve drawn for my webcomic, and will eventually include random wallpapers that I make just for fun. Be warned that these images will be big so you might have to scroll. If you like these, let me know! Better yet, tell your friends.